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Saleem Carpets Saleem Carpets Saleem Carpets
Saleem Carpets

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Authentic Handmade Oriental Rugs, Carpets & Kilims

Experts believe that some form of rugs were produced as far back as 300 B.C.
In 1949, the famous Pazyryk rug was discovered at a Scythian burial site in the Altai region in southern Siberia. This rug torn in parts is fine example of pile rug both in design and craftsmanship, it is believed to have been made around 500 B.C. Research carried out recently proves that the art of wearing was developed by shepherd tribes living in Central Asia. The art of carpet wearing was introduced in Persia and surrounding areas, including present-day Pakistan, which eventually became one of the leading manufacturing country of handmade oriental woollen rugs, carpets and kilims.

Why buy from Saleem Carpets !

- Manufacturing experiance of four Generations.

- Deal in 100% handmade oriental rugs.

- Largest fine quality rugs display.

- Less overhead costs.

- Operate on low margin.

Saleem Carpets Saleem Carpets Saleem Carpets Saleem Carpets Saleem Carpets

"Our Moto is our customer"

Itís a revolution in the world of colors & decoration that the "saleem carpets" is introduced all around the globe through internet. It is established on the foundation of experience of generations, in producing the fine decorative handmade oriental carpets, rugs & kilims with admirable quality, durability & beauty. To play with colors & especially the arrangement of these colors from wide range of color palette in carpets to form harmony, beauty & compatibility of these colors is our expertise, which is specialty of " saleem carpets". While considering the mood of our customers we try our best to fulfill their requirements by using best material, traditional & modern designs, adorable color schemes, high skills & experienced craftsmanship. We grasp the attention of our customers by using traditional & also modern & latest color schemes in our rugs, which fit to their interiors. Traditional carpets have their splendid beauty & historic glory & quality which penetrate into hearts.

We are glad that our customers all around the globe are satisfied & happy with us & the numbers of our customers are increasing day by day. We are receiving outclass feedback from our customers, so we find our company the most reliable & prompt to serve you.

Saleem Carpets
Saleem Carpets

Saleem Carpets

The Best Wholesale Source of
Handmade Rugs, Carpets & Kilims.
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19/10 Abbot Road Lahore, Pakistan.
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