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Oriental Rug Repair, Step-by-Step Reknotting, Reconstruction and Preservation:

The demand for oriental rugs has increased dramatically in recent years. Many owners now put more value on their rugs as works of art than floor coverings so that they are always careful about their precious rug's life. So that we have best craftsmen in our staff to cover essential techniques, materials and tools for reknotting, reconstruction and preservation the rugs.

Our rug repair carftsmen care about essential aspects;

  • Assess damaged areas
  • Understand rug structure
  • Select yarn
  • Reknotting
  • Reconstruct warp and weft  
  • Repair selvage and edges
  • Repair ends and flatweaves
  • Wash rugs, remove stains

We deal in New and Antique Rugs and Carpets, orders are received from different parts of the world for best and reliable repair. We are specialized to do reweaving lost ends, restoring lost corners, fixing holes with matching wool and restoring the lost designs, binding, fringes, reweaving bald spots.

Accidents happen. Do not worry if your pet chews a part of your Persian, Oriental or Area rugs, mostly in the side parts. Our specialized carpet repair personnel restore it as if never happened.

Oriental Rug Washing, Deep Clean and Revive the Colors of Your Rug:

Here is sampling of some of the rug or carpet spots that we come across on a daily basis;

  • Animal urine, feces and vomit can cause spots.
  • Stains caused by furniture can be corrected. Many times a spilled drink will drain down a furniture leg and cause a spot.
  • Many foods cause spots: ketchup, mustard, green vegetables, wine, cooking grease etc.
  • Many situations can cause permanent dark stains: garden soil, grease, food, pet, etc.
  • Red spots are caused by a number of different household items.
  • Rust is usually caused when metal that is touching the carpet is exposed to water.

Our specialized rug cleaners are trained extensively to cleanse all the grime and dirt out of your carpets and rugs.



Saleem Carpets
Saleem Carpets

Saleem Carpets

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